A New Year, A New Focus

Well, after a wonderful trip to Las Vegas (more on this to come) and shit hitting the fan elsewhere, I am proud to say that I work from home completely!  I work for a company out of DC as their Corporate Recruiter and am happy that I can now fully focus on improving my position.

Along with that I am finally making time to take blogging more seriously.  I love blogging but I fell into a rut (not the first time either) and now that I am working less I think I finally found the motivation to really push forward.

The last thing I am ready to focus on is de-cluttering and organizing my home, life, & finances.  I have wayyyy too much “stuff” and I don’t want it anymore.  I really need to go through everything and get rid of everything that I don’t need or want.  Starting this week, I am going to have weekly to-do lists with at least 5-10 things on it.

This week I want to accomplish the following:

  1. Put away all Christmas decorations
  2. Clean off desk & kennel
  3. Clean & de-clutter beauty room
  4. Make a vet appointment for Riley to get shots & tested either this week or next week
  5. Pay all of my bills with the exception of next months rent & main loan payment
  6. Send in work reimbursement form
  7. Publish 3 blog posts
  8. Have everything prepared for the ND Blogger Holiday Party by Friday

Thank you for sticking around through my absence!  Let’s make this new year a GREAT one!

xo, Sammi