101 in 1001 Update


Since July 4th I have been pretty busy with life, blogging, and attacking some of the items on my 101 in 1001 list.  I will say that I have successfully completed 9 items on my list and have done some work on a few others.

Here is what I have fully completed:

  1. Visit my family in FL – I recently took a weekend trip down there to visit with some family.  I have a feeling this wont be my only trip to FL during these 1001 days!
  2. Plan another trip to Vegas – As you may have read here and here, I went to Vegas September 4th-11th.  Needless to say we are already planning our next trip there in December/January.
  3. Bake cupcakes for an event – I baked cupcakes for a meet the artist event at a local store and baked cupcakes for my friends wedding here.
  4. Start a pet fund – I put at least $20 away a week for pet necessities.  I am currently starting over with my fund since paying for ellies shots, frontline, dog food, and cat food all in one week completely drained my fund.
  5. Figure out how to budget and use a budget system – I’m using YNAB.  Check it out here.
  6. Start a travel fund – I put away at least $20 away a week for this as well.
  7. Make my own laundry detergent – My aunt that lives in FL gave me the recipe that she found online from another blog so I will be sharing this soon!
  8. Set up a legit posting schedule that I will stick to – Well, I had set one but then I realized I didn’t like the schedule as much as I thought I would.  I may try to figure another one out but at this time I actually don’t want a schedule.
  9. Attend a meet-up for ND/MN bloggers – I went to a ND blogger weekend in September.  More on this to come!

Other things I’ve done work on: Paid off all of my credit cards, Paying down ESCI & BND loans, putting $100 a week into my savings, seen 2 movies, went to 5 concerts, planned 1 birthday event (Vegas), and lastly…buy all of my Christmas presents before December.  I just bought my first Christmas present yesterday and I have plenty more to buy.

Completely 9 items in 3.5 months doesn’t seem to bad.  I just need to keep knocking them out 1 by 1!

xo, Sammi